do you need massage for

low back pain
knee pain
neck pain
carpal tunnel
hip pain
tennis elbow
shoulder pain
Plantar Fasciitis

My clients come to me to have  specific pain addressed. Many individuals complain that they go other places and their therapist will spend all of the time massaging everything else except their pain complaint. After this type of massage they are told they need to come back and have their pain complaint addressed. The pain complaint is why they were there for in the first place.

Clients come to me with a specific pain complaint, which they would like addressed so that they are not limited by discomfort while they do the things they want to do, or do the things they needs to do.

I tailor each massage to meet the request of each client. You can experience a real change to your pain immediately after your first massage. There is an ongoing, active continually updated treatment plan with each individual.  As you continue to receive additional massages your pain complaint resolves.

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