the Local Massage Therapist
THE Massage Therapist for Courthouse/Clarendon

2507 N Franklin Rd. Arlington VA 22201       703 248 9191
2507 N Franklin Rd, Arlington VA 22201        office 703 248 - 9191   text 571 527 - 7234
30-min 30Day Pass          219

60-min 30Day Pass          439

30Day Buddy Pass           299

Elite Athlete's 30Day Pass     579
When you purchase a 30Day pass one person can schedule multiple massages over the course of 30 calendar days all covered by a single upfront cost.  Day one starts with first use of pass, and over the following 30 calendar days you are able to schedule as many times as you can and all subsequent massages covered by the pass are at no cost to you.
Elite Athlete's 30Day pass

Schedule for table, foot or chair massage, and you can schedule any length of appointment during your 30 days [15-min, 30-min, 45-min, 60-min, 80-min]
30Day Buddy Pass

TWO people can schedule as many times as they can in 30 days, HOWEVER ONLY ONE person may come on a given day
How commited are you to your health & physical upkeep with massage?  Make a commitment to 3 automatic payments, 30 days apart each, for additional savings.

autopayment 30Day passes available for 30-min and 60-min massages ONLY

30-min 30Day Pass          179

60-min 30Day Pass          359